VegaVit - vital substances for vegans, 90 capsules, with vitamin B12, iron, zinc, calcium, riboflavin, iodine, vitamin D

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VegaVit makes vegan >strong> nutrition even safer >/strong>. Since a possible vitamin or nutrient deficiency is specifically prevented. VegaVit was developed by nutritional scientists according to the motto: As little as possible, but as much as necessary.

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There are many good reasons to eat a completely vegan diet: The animal welfare, the ecological balance - and not least the own health. VegaVit makes the vegan nutrition now also safer. Because a possible vitamin or nutrient deficiency is thus prevented in a targeted manner. VegaVit was developed by nutritionists according to the motto: As little as possible, but as much as necessary. After all, a balanced, plant-based diet provides almost everything the body needs. It concerns thus not only a Vitamin full supply, but also punctual support. VegaVit has the custom-made prescription for it.

All around well supplied: That's what is in VegaVit

Fortunately, the number of vital substances, which are mainly contained in animal products, is manageable. And only with few we must think about food addition. Since the nutrient requirement varies greatly from person to person, VegaVit covers the most important vital substances for Vegans and vegetarians.

  • Vitamin D2: Helps in the absorption of calcium and thus contributes to normal muscle function and the maintenance of healthy muscles, teeth and bones. Calcium:
  • >>strong>Calcium: The body needs it for teeth and bones. It also plays a role in cell division, blood clotting and normal nerve function. child knows that iron contributes to the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Thus, it helps with oxygen transport, energy metabolism and against fatigue. >>li>>strong>L-Lysine: Important in protein formation and as a component of collagen and elastin. Abundantly contained in meat - but hardly ever in vegetable foods. Zinc:>>strong>Zinc: Helps to maintain normal hair, nails and skin and also helps the eyes by supporting the vitamin A balance. Riboflavin: Helps with iron metabolism and the maintenance of normal red blood cells. Also helps to protect body cells from oxidative stress. B12: This vitamin plays a special role. It is needed in many places in the body, contributes to normal energy metabolism, nervous system and immune system, among other things. However, it is practically only contained in animal products, which is why it should be kept in mind when eating a vegan diet. VegaVit contains the most body-like variant of the B12 vitamin, methylcobalamin. Since the metabolism and thus also the need are very individual from humans to humans, physicians nevertheless advise to let determine the Vitamin B12 mirror once annually.

Product weight: 0,08 Kg
Contents: 46,00 g
Ingredients: Calciumoxid, L-Lysin Monohydrochlorid, Reisextrakt-Mischung, Zinkgluconat, Eisen-(II)-Fumarat, Kaliumiodat, Ergocalciferol, Riboflavin (Hig Flow), Methylcobalamin, Kapsel: HPMC (Hydroxypropylmethylellulose).
Verzehrempfehlung: 1 Kapsel täglich, unzerkaut mit reichlich Flüssigkeit
Nährstoffe pro Tagesdosis: Calcium: 125,0 mg (15,6%*)
L-Lysin: 100,0 mg (n/a*)
Zink: 10,0 mg (100%*)
Eisen: 14,0 mg (100%*)
Riboflavin: 1,4 mg (10,0%*)
Jod: 75,0 µg (50,0%*)
Vitamin D2 5,0 µg (30,0%*)
Vitamin B12 2,5 µg (30,0%*)
* Prozent der Referenzmenge laut EU-VO 1169/2011
Hinweise: Nahrungsergänzungsmittel sind kein Ersatz für eine ausgewogene und abwechslungsreiche Ernährung. Die tägliche Verzehrempfehlung darf nicht überschritten werden. Schwangere sollten vor dem Verzehr ihren Arzt konsultieren.

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